Timeline and Roadmap

Software is never finished, only realease. When the contributors to decentralized software heard that, they simply kept coding. The "hold my beer" was implied!

The core goals of Elk determine the direction and development that is needed. This determines the roadmap followed by our engineers.

Therefore, everything that Elk team members are doing is to provide one thing: A decentralized cross-chain playground that others can use to achieve their Web3 goals.

The Elk journey so far

  1. Cross-chain transfers

    1. Cross-chain transfer of ELK token ✅

      1. Limit 100 ELK per transfer ✅

      2. Swap ELK for gas for destination network ✅

      3. Increase limit to 1 000 ELK per transfer ✅

      4. Increase limit to 10 000 ELK per transfer ✅

  2. Elk SDK for developers and platforms to build on Elk (Bridge-as-a-Service - BaaS)

    1. BaaS Alpha ✅

    2. BaaS SDK Alpha 2 Release ✅

    3. SDK support for permissionless bridge creation (BaaS Beta)

  3. Mainnet node

    1. Private ElkNet Nodes ✅

    2. Invited users running Elk mainnet nodes

    3. Open applications for ElkNet node running

  4. Staking and delegation

    1. $ELK staking and delegation for mainnet nodes

  5. Paranodes

    1. Ability for users to run an Elk paranode (requires Moose NFT)

  6. Proxy tokens

    1. Support for ERC-20 proxy tokens via BaaS ✅ (Alpha 1)

    2. Improved support for arbitrary data transfer (universal bridge) via BaaS ✅ (Alpha 2)

  7. Multi-chain tokens

    1. Initial support for multi-chain tokens (BaaS) ✅ (Alpha 2)

  8. ElkDex

    1. Based on Uniswap v2 ✅

    2. Based on Uniswap v3 ✅ (Testnet)

  9. Farm-as-a-Service (FaaS)

    1. FaaS for v2 ✅

    2. Fees payable in ELK ✅

  10. Blockchain support expansion ✅ (30 blockchains added)


  1. Redesigned dApp ✅

  2. Redesigned website ✅

    1. Native Blog ✅

    2. Documentation update ✅

  3. Integration into wallets ✅

Roadmap 2024

For the coming year we have identified the following elements to achieve:

2024 Q1/2:

  • Bridging-as-a-Service Software Development Kit (SDK) Beta release

  • Xion payments solution roll-out and scaling

  • Further developer exploration and engineering consultation for various cross-chain applications

  • FaaS for ElkDex concentrated liquidity farms (based on Uniswap v3)

2024 Q3 onwards:

  • Mainnet Nodes - Securing ElkNet by staking ELK

  • Cross-Chain Swaps - One-click asset trading through the ElkDex, powered by ElkNet

  • Security audits of the ElkNet

  • Elk Launch on non-EVM Chains

  • Community Governance

  • Continuous Chain Expansion

  • CHFT Cross-chain Stablecoin, Pegged to the Swiss Franc

* Note that there are no dates in the roadmap and specified target development is subject to change.

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