Below you will find tutorials related to setting up a supported wallet for use on

Setting up a MetaMask Wallet

1. Head to - please ensure that this URL is typed exactly as shown here.

2. Click “Install MetaMask” for Android, iPhone, or the relevant browser if using a desktop (recommended), and install the app or browser extension (desktop).

3. Open the app (or the browser you installed the MetaMask extension on desktop) and click “Get Started”, choose whether to import and existing wallet or create a new one, and choose whether to share data with MetaMask.

4. Create a secure password that you will remember. This password will only be used on this device. Remember, if someone has your seed phrase, they can access your wallet even without the password!

5. If creating a new wallet, write down your seed phrase and put it somewhere safe where it will not be seen by anyone but you. Never share this seed phrase with anyone, ever. Complete the backup task.

6. Use the browser in the MetaMask app on Android or iOS to navigate to On PC use the browser you’ve installed the MetaMask extension on and navigate to

7. Connect your wallet.

8. (Optional) Choose the various blockchains from the menu in the top right (highlighted by the orange rectangle) in order to add each one to your list of supported EVM blockchains. Verify that these details are correct and click “Approve” to add each desired blockchain.

9. (Optional) Fund your wallet. That's it!

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