Moose (NFT)

Moose is Elk Finance's native NFT with ongoing utility. Moose are not just regular NFTs: they receive $ELK airdrops, gain experience, provide exclusive access, and are required to run mainnet nodes.

Moose Abilities & Benefits

  • Operating a paranode on the forthcoming Elk mainnet will require staking a Moose NFT on a supported network in order to create a proxy token
  • Moose holders get priority access to special events and promotions (for example, every MATIC Moose holder received a 3-month PRO subscription on matic.apy.vision)
  • Farming and trading benefits based on its holder’s liquidity score (e.g., fee rebates, farming multipliers)
  • $ELK airdrops on every future chain launch (subject to change)

Active Moose farming & trading benefits

  1. 1.
    Starting June 20, 8:00 pm UTC, 2021, having a Moose NFT in your wallet will double your Impermanent Loss Protection vesting speed on the corresponding chain.
For a 42 day farming round, doubled ILP vesting speed means that every Moose holder will vest ~5% of IL coverage per day! (Note: holding multiple Moose per chain and Moose rarity does not increase this particular benefit)

There are a total of 4 different types of Moose:

Legendary Moose

The one and only, #0 Legendary Moose. Some of you may know him by the name Ralph.

Epic Moose

This is our most exclusive Moose. There are currently 9 Epic Moose on the Avalanche chain.
An Epic Moose from the first collection on Avalanche.

Rare Moose

Our second most exclusive Moose. There are currently 30 Rare Moose on the Avalanche chain.
A Rare Moose from the first collection on Avalanche.

Uncommon Moose

The third moose, Uncommon Moose. There are currently 60 Uncommon Moose on the Avalanche chain.
An Uncommon Moose from the first collection on Avalanche.

Where to buy Moose NFTs?

If you missed the initial sale, keep an eye out for an announcement for when we launch a collection on the next chain. You can also take a look, perhaps someone has put one up for sale on a third-party marketplace?
Find the NFT Marketplaces where Moose NFTs are verified from here:
Always make sure that the Moose contract is correct when buying a Moose from a third-party! You can verify the contract address above. 👆