🧑🌾 🧑🌾 Farm Requests

Want to partner with Elk or open a farm? We’d love to hear from you!

Elk Finance Farms

Farms are great marketing initiatives for your project. We distribute ELK to all staked LP Tokens, which encourages users to buy and stake liquidity using your token. Your project also gains added visibility by appearing on the Farm page. Elk also pays Impermanent Loss Protection on all its farms, giving the community increased confidence to stake your token.

How to Apply?

Our application process is easy. Simply complete this form to apply.
Note: We respond to all requests as quickly as possible, aiming to get in touch within 5 business days. Please allow us time during busy periods.

What types of Farms do we offer?

  • Dual Reward Farms: ELK + your token + Impermanent Loss Protection
  • Elk Farms: ELK + Impermanent Loss Protection
Farms receiving Dual Reward boosts are highlighted on our farming page and benefit from additional marketing.

Apply for a Farm and become an Elk Partner

All Elk Farm partners receive co-marketing through Elk’s social and community channels. This includes promotional coverage on Twitter, Telegram, Discord. Reddit, and Medium. Additional opportunities are available as part of our co-marketing packages.


If you would like to get in touch before filling out the farm listing form, you can email [email protected]. Please include your project name and a link to your project website.

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