Where can I buy a Moose NFT?

The first series of limited edition Moose NFTs, which were limited to 100 exclusively on Avalanche network, are sold out. Additional releases are planned for the future, including on other networks. Moose are transferrable, so if you can find someone willing to sell theirs, you can make an offer.

I only see Avalanche chain on the ElkDex. How can I use another chain?

It's defaulted to Avalanche chain since it was the first chain we launched on. To use Matic, for example, just change your network to Matic on your MetaMask and you will see it change to Matic in the ElkDex.

I can’t find my deposits on the Farm page.

If a round of farming just ended, look for the “Archived Farms” tab, and see if it shows up there.

How can I tell how much my LP is worth in the farms?

You can see your staked pairs on the Analytics page and entering your MetaMask address under the “Accounts” tab. You can also see the fees you’ve earned from staking here.

What’s the token supply for $ELK?

Total Elk supply is 42,424,242. Each chain has an initial allocation of 4,242,242 ELK. To check the current circulating supply, click on your Elk balance in ElkDex.

Can I send ELK from Matic to Avalanche?

Not at the moment, but this is exactly the problem that Elk’s mainnet will solve. If you’d like to move funds from Polygon to Avalanche or vice versa at the moment, you’ll need to route your funds through a CEX.

The token I want isn’t appearing in the swap/pool menu.

If the token is relatively new, it may not be whitelisted yet. Fortunately, you can manually import it into the swap/pool fields by copying and pasting the token address. If you don’t know the address, visit the Analytics page and click on the token. From there, you can either copy the token address, or you can click the ‘trade’ or ‘add liquidity’ buttons at the top. You can also use this token address to add the token to your MetaMask.

Has Elk Finance been audited?

We are in the process of auditing ElkDex smart contracts on all the networks we're live on.

Our HECO ElkDex smart contracts were audited by HashEx between July 9 to July 20, 2021. You can find the audit report from here, no significant risks were found.

Our ElkNet has not yet been audited. This audit (actually two audits) will probably take place in early Q3. We publish and verify all our code and follow the best practices in terms of security. That said, please remember that most crypto projects are very early and even audited projects are not necessarily safe! Stay safe out there and never invest more than you can afford to lose.