List of Elk Smart Contract Addresses on IoTeX
Note: all our contracts are verified on their respective explorers. If you find any contract that is not verified, please let us know.

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ELK Token Smart Contract

$ELK Token: 0xeEeEEb57642040bE42185f49C52F7E9B38f8eeeE [Avalanche] [Polygon] [Fantom] [Huobi ECO] [Gnosis (formerly xDAI)] [BNB Chain] [Kucoin] [Harmony] [OEC] [HOO] [Elastos] [Moonriver] [Cronos] [Telos] [Fuse] [IoTeX] [Ethereum] [Arbitrum] [Optimism]
$ELK Token (IoTeX Format): io1amhwk4myypqtussctayu2tm7nvu03mhwamr8qr [IoTeX]


ElkDEX Smart Contracts

Staking Pools

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Farm Addresses
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