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👨💻 Team


B is a highly experienced systems architect and distributed systems expert with a passion for designing and implementing complex systems. In addition to his technical expertise, he is also an early adopter of blockchain technology, having been involved in the space since 2011.
Seth creates and manages trading and arbitrage bots for Elk. He is passionate about all forms of trading, originally starting with traditional stock and options trading in 2015. Since 2020, his main focus has been DeFi.
Lerring is a DevOps Engineer at ELK and a DeFi enthusiast with interests in bot development, cloud infra, containerization, and automation. Background in CI Engineering and learned his trade developing a Distributed Application Deployment Framework in his spare time.
A developer with experience in a wide array of products and languages.

Growth & Business Development

Fiats is an avid crypto trader, investor, consultant, and entrepreneur. He has owned several companies for over 25 years and is well-rounded in many aspects of business. As leader of Elk’s business strategy, he supports and advises the team on deal structures and strategy.
Leo Darkseid
Leo is an early DeFi explorer and enthusiast who supports Elk’s business development efforts. He holds a medical degree and is skilled in backend and frontend development.
Colin is a Growth and Outreach mercenary. He holds a fine art degree and has a background in product and jewelry design, with a specialty in 3D Design. An avid problem solver, idea builder, and out-of-the-box-thinker, his life’s journey has armed him with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Marketing & Design

Our Fox has been a crepuscular crypto advocate since 2017, now specializing in DeFi. A postgraduate degree in education has made him a clever fox, whose work spans business development, networking, social media, and content writing. He’s active in the Elastos community but is chain agnostic and has secured lasting relationships with many protocols.
Shylo Cliffe (LtSnakePlissken)
Shylo is a core contributor at Elk Finance. He has been in crypto since 2011, though he has completely immersed himself in the DeFi world as of 2021. He does a little bit of everything at Elk, and is very lucky to be among such talented team members. "Here for the tech, but knowing how to use the tech–that’s true power!"
Pyrosquid is an enigma, a glint in the eye of the storm. To know him is to taste the breath of life. If you see Pyro, it’s already too late. Pyrosquid: the other side of the coin. (Editor’s note: Pyro leads Elk’s marketing team).
Design lead by day, lead designer by night, Alöscha truly believes that UX comes before UI. He has spent more than a decade in international advertising agencies as a senior creative in charge of creative concepts, brand development, and art direction.
Full of stupid jokes and a lot of passion for UX/UI, Alicanto works on everything from website/dApp design to marketing materials for Elk. So next time you see a Moose announcement banner you know who is to blame for that.
“The all-around guy?” Yeah! Josh is here to assist his teammates in any front of marketing and socials. As a journalist and social media manager, Josh works to improve Elk’s visibility and community awareness through data-driven techniques. He understands the powers of “42” and believes that cross-chain has the brightest future in the cryptosphere.


Doubleclick has many years of experience in training and education, which he carries into his role as community manager. He manages a rapid prototyping company, which has made him adept at engaging and educating the Elk community about innovations within DeFi.
Hardin Finch
Half Hardin, half Finch, Hardin Finch is a winged sentinal who fearlessly explores all the new chains Elk integrates into its protocol. The more conceptually abstruse a protocol is, the more he likes it. He goes crazy for creativity.
Rechtsversifft (Rekty) has been on and off crypto since 2015. His background is in business Informatics and test automation engineering. He believes that Blockchain and Web3 are the future of technology. He supports Elk’s German community and is always available for community support.